Friday, 17 February 2012

The makeup and travel drawer

I've just cleaned and cleared out my odd things drawer in my bedroom and discovered I had:
10 mascaras (for someone who only wears makeup now on special occasions this is unnecessary!)
5 bottles of nail varnish
8 lipsticks
6 emergency sewing kits
3 eye shadow kits 2 of which were finished but had a nice mirror - OUT they go
and very usefully, 3 more pairs of scissors!

So have thrown out some mascaras & put some cleaner makeup to go out to charity.
I still have lots of handy things for travelling, but not ancient dirty things.  And I have more space on my dressing table as a bag of stuff will now fit in the drawer.  Result!

Now my 'charity chair' where I keep things I'm throwing out needs to be cleared too:
What I'm grateful for today:
That my house has not burnt down or been smoked out by a neighbour putting hot ash in their barn and it catching fire.  This happened to a friend who nearly lost her house!  Fortunately the builders built a new wall so well it contained the fire and they just had a lot of smoke instead, but it was a very near thing.  You never think this will happen, but it can.


  1. Doesn't that feel better?! I much prefer my now-decluttered make-up drawer. It amazes me how many lipsticks we tend to accumulate! :)
    Glad your friend's house survived!

  2. Yes - even though the drawer still has a lot of things in it, I have chosen the things and they are grouped so I can get at them easily. And it's clean!

    ..My friends are very grateful about their house too. It has now been 'fogged' which apparently deals with the smell of smoke.