Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Decluttering, change and happiness

Cat sitting next to books
My cat doesn't mind clutter!
It's ages since I have blogged about decluttering, though I have carried on the process.  A lot of it is still lingering under my 'clutter area' chair, however I'm slowly getting rid of the books which are there to charity shops, and the clothes to Air Ambulance collectors who handily leave a bag with me to put outside the door.  I've just gone through 3 magazines and have left them to go to the doctor's, and have cleared up shelves in my recipe book cupboard, a shelf of spices, and a cutlery drawer.  My sister's coming over to help with taking things away.

I'm still reading '365 Less Things', which keeps me going, and I've discovered the Happiness Project blog through 365 - which has relevant hints and is interesting in itself.  One key to happiness, according to its author, is 'an atmosphere of growth'.  I think letting go of things helps us grow and helps us get used to change too, which can be a fearsome thing.  Refreshing our surroundings helps remind us we are changing too, and helps us keep going forward.