Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Daily maintenance and not being perfect

To actually reduce the amount of stuff I have, I need to keep throwing out paperwork every day, as I am continually receiving things for pleasure and for work or admin purposes.  This means going through things and also doing things I've put off doing. Today I completed a feedback form for a homeopath that I've been putting off because I wanted to give the most accurate feedback.  Perhaps the lesson here is that we need to do enough, not too much - too high standards means we either put too much into things that don't matter enough (my homeopath won't mind me only writing 20 lines not 40!) or we procrastinate and have huge boring 'to-do' files.

I also threw out a guidebook I'll never read again to a church that's only open once a year.  It would be better to give it back, but never mind - I'm not going to remember in a year's time to go back!

Decluttering tip - you are not perfect!  Be selective about what you put your energy into.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day 2 - give things away

Today I gave away a DVD.  This was easy as I was given it and didn't need to see it again.  The nice thing was giving it away at a coffee morning to someone I knew. 

Freecycle is a great way to give things away, and there's the opportunity to get things for free if you need them.  It prevents things going into landfill as well.  Freegle is an identical site made from ex-Freecycle moderators (don't ask me about the politics behind that!) so between the two you can usually find a group local to you, which is useful for picking things up.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 1 of my decluttering journey

This is a blog inspired by '365 Less Things', in which I am recording what I throw out day by day.  My aim is to inspire myself to keep on decluttering, so I have space and clarity to create - art, gardens, wealth and friendship!

On my first day I threw out a necklace in a dull green colour which didn't suit me.  It was given to me by someone else.  It's sometimes hard to throw out gifts, however important to remember they are not their things, so throwing out that little present won't harm my relationship with them.

I volunteer in a charity shop so I took it in with a couple of jumpers (I don't count them as they were already in the going-out pile) and felt better.

PS: '365 Less Things' has 'missions' to complete in a week, on Mondays.  This week's deals with the fridge - on top of it, on the door, inside and on the floor.  Very thorough!  And worth a look.