Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 1 of my decluttering journey

This is a blog inspired by '365 Less Things', in which I am recording what I throw out day by day.  My aim is to inspire myself to keep on decluttering, so I have space and clarity to create - art, gardens, wealth and friendship!

On my first day I threw out a necklace in a dull green colour which didn't suit me.  It was given to me by someone else.  It's sometimes hard to throw out gifts, however important to remember they are not their things, so throwing out that little present won't harm my relationship with them.

I volunteer in a charity shop so I took it in with a couple of jumpers (I don't count them as they were already in the going-out pile) and felt better.

PS: '365 Less Things' has 'missions' to complete in a week, on Mondays.  This week's deals with the fridge - on top of it, on the door, inside and on the floor.  Very thorough!  And worth a look.

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