Friday, 28 October 2011

Photos and a hatbox

Today I finished going through the photos in one of the boxes under the bed - entertaining, and I've thrown out enough to squeeze the rest of the non-digital photos in the box.  I'm going to scan some to surprise old friends and family with.

I also gave a pretty hatbox away that I have been keeping because it looks useful to keep things in.. and hasn't been!  The recipient is using it to pack things in on a flight, so good.

What next?  The place is still messy however I need systems and storage to tidy up some of the main bits.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More giveaways and some sorting

Yesterday I sorted out my intray which wasn't very current and was pretty easy to do, except for things I had to write up.  Now I have done them and I can put things I am actually doing into it, instead of on the drawing board!

The day before, I gave away a rather nice printer/all in one which my lodger had been given and left behind.  I could have kept it in case mine broke down - but it was taking up space in a useful lodger's cupboard.  So now they can hang their clothes up and someone's son is very happily printing things out for homework...  via Freecycle.

Today I scanned some old photos - v time-consuming.  I am working through them so I can put the negatives and prints under the bed - should I throw them out?  I'm not scanning everything so no.