Sunday, 12 February 2012

Old Drawings Out

Today I threw out a lot of old duplicate drawings of garden designs I have done.  All the remaining ones are neatly upright, using a wine box insert (must get more) in a cardboard box, and the floor area in my study has greatly increased.  The basket you see alongside the box was also full of drawings. ...Having seen the photo, I've just straightened out the rolls and thrown out a broken one - I can easily buy some more rolls for my client drawings.  Also threw out massive file of Forever Living product information as I don't sell that anymore.  What else is lurking, hidden behind other guff?

I also threw out a blouse I never wear because of the buttons - not nice enough to replace them.  And yesterday, enjoyed virtuous feeling when I went to my church and left a sheet I'd found and washed (see Into the Ottoman) and pyjamas for the local homeless hostel.  So I guess others may benefit from this clear-out too!

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