Thursday, 9 February 2012

New drawer I found

I can now open a drawer at the bottom of my wardrobe, so that's the next place that needs going through.  Meanwhile, I have thrown out a scarf from it, and old bag embroidered in Afghan style.  I noticed I was relieved that it had a rip in it, as that meant (to me) that I could throw it out.  Strange thinking really!  That I need things to be wrecked before I feel OK about letting go of them!

I have also cleared a space on top of my old desk, so my wooden letter rack (moved from my bookcase and emptied of old papers) can go there instead - a useful little in-tray.  It's nice to be able to use good quality things when you do actually need them.

What I am grateful for today:  365 Less Things for the 'Grateful' idea; and my ceramics class, where I decorated a plate today.  Good company, absorbing activity.

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