Saturday, 4 February 2012

Into the ottoman

I have managed to sort out things hidden from view for the first time for years.  My ottoman in my bedroom turned out to contain a lot of crumpled tissue paper, bubble wrap, my mother's wedding dress, a bicycle horn, patchwork bits, curtain material, cushion insides and Christmas decorations.  For years, I've just accessed the decorations and left the rest! 

Threw out paper, boxes supposedly kept for gifts, and an old towel. A guitar capo (I have no guitar) and the horn go to charity.   Salvaged some cotton for those recipes which ask for muslin - will give them a go now, eg bramble jelly.  Got the cushion out, as I am just finishing a tapestry that fits its size.  And with the spare space, have put wrapping paper and ribbons and bows in there tidily so there is space and order elsewhere.  Dug out some of the jewellery so I actually wear it, rather than keep it for 'best'.

This may not be a scintillating read, but it was good to do!

Conclusions: it's good to look in those drawers and cupboards.  You may find things that are just what you need, and don't have to go to the shops.  And use things rather than keep for 'best'. 

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