Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mini-missions continued - guilt item

I am again following the 'mini-missions' of 365 Less Things.  I actually did today's mission today, too, which is to throw out something you felt guilty about acquiring in the first place.  In my case this is the Argos catalogue, given to me before Christmas.  I can use the net to look at Argos, so out it goes.


  1. Hi, I'm Sammyleia and I found you through 365 Things,where I suppose I lurk, as I've only commented a couple of times.Each week I mean to do the mini missions and each week I get side-tracked but I will do them one day :) 365 Things inspired me to declutter at least one thing a day on my blog too. I'm excited to be your first follower and look forward to reading your blog:)

  2. Btw your paintings are beautiful too! :)

  3. Dear Sammyleia,
    Thank you very much re the paintings, and for following my blog - I started it for myself really, and my sister who is into decluttering, however it's great to have someone else interested in it. I've had a book blog but hardly anyone looks at it - am not so keen on book reviewing as other book bloggers so that's probably why.

    So you live in Queensland - went there this year as my friend lives south of Brisbane. Lovely lush country, near the coast!
    I have just had a look at your blog/website - very good. Must have a closer look at all the different pages - financial management is relevant to everyone at the moment including me.