Saturday, 21 January 2012

Grand art declutter!

My sister is coming over to help me put things away tomorrow, which has inspired me to start picking out my paintings which can be put or thrown away.  This in turn meant I had to turn out not only a pile in the study, but my Art Box in the kitchen - a nice plastic box full of sketchbooks and odd things.  As I've not been well enough to tackle this for years (OK also have not thought of it till now!) this was full of dust and sand!  I now have:
 5 watercolour sketchbooks
9 cartridge sketchbooks of varying sizes
1 oil colour pad
1 pastel pad in Ingres paper (good stuff)
3 or so pockets of loose paper
2 packets of wet palette paper
3+ pads of acrylic paper
1 pad of tracing paper (v useful for my garden design work)
1pad of graph paper

So I shouldn't need to buy any art paper for quite some time!!

Got rid of mountains of paper - sketches I didn't want, newspaper supplement about Diana POW (why did I keep?) very dirty flimsy mobile phone jacket, various bits of paper and lids of tubes and bits of cardboard, and 1 sketchbook I wasn't inspired by.  All to recycling.

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