Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I'm still going, just not blogging about it..

I have been decluttering and sorting things without blogging - I spend too much time pottering on the computer as it is.  Always find time to read '365 less things' though.  Shows how creativity, however little, is less easy than passive reading!

I have gone through all my big bookcase and nearly finished packing books away so I can paint it.  In the process have discarded 5 books or so, out of which 2 are first edition hardbacks, so I can sell them to make a little money.  Good find!  I didn't intend to buy first editions however after some research I conclude they must be.

Yesterday I threw out a bottle of old face toner.  I still have half a bottle which is really old.  And I used up a 15-year-old pack of hair dye!  My neighbour was a hairdresser and checked it out for me first.  My hair is fine.

Today I threw out a bra and pair of knickers I no longer wear, inspired by Oxfam's campaign for women to recycle any unused bras.  Apparently we all have many of these stashed away, so have a look yourself.

Happy decluttering!   I'm off to sample my focaccia bread - have been enjoying baking a lot recently.

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