Sunday, 16 September 2012

Letting go of childhood memories - stamps

I have just given away my old stamp collection and my sister's, to a young teenage girl who is just starting her collection, via 'Freegle' (in the UK part of Freecycle converted to Freegle). 

It was a very personal collection - wish I'd photographed the front cover of mine, which was a bit of cardboard that said 'Jane's stamp collection until further notice' on it in my best writing.  The stamps were held in paper strips glued to the pages, and date from the 50s and 60s.  The address my sister put in hers was where we were living 54 years ago!

We (my sister and I) still have my father's collection, which we want to sell, however I hope this has cleared the way to do that as well.

It was great to find someone who actually wanted these things!  Maybe I could have sold them, but I know they weren't collector's items, and it is lovely to pass them on to the next generation of avid collectors.

What I am grateful for:
Being able to pass on something I loved doing to someone else who now loves doing it. 

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